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Racing of the future

Electric cars are growing in popularity at a rate that is equally matched by the rate of growth seen in the number of policies and jurisdictions that are being placed on car manufacturers to become more environmentally friendly with their ranges of automobiles and vehicles. The same effect has been seen in motor racing over the past few years with many sports lowering the limits of engine capacity that are allowable to compete. This is primarily to limit the speeds that motor vehicles can race around tracks at but also to reduce the emissions produced from the specific motor sport. Remember the Toyota electric race car?

A teamĀ of British engineers have produced a motor sports car of the future without a traditional petrol motor. The Lola-Drayson B12/69 EV is set to compete in next years 24 hoursLe Mansendurance race. The vehicle can hit over 200mph on track and the electric motor is capable of an incredible 850hp output. The car batteries include the most innovative technology on the market by charging wirelessly through inductive power transfer. Moving parts such as the dampers, springs, wheels and brakes are all configured to harvest energy and recharge the batteries and make long distance endurance racing possible.

The Lola-Drayson will compete at the 2013 electric car championship and hopes to be the foundation for all electric motor sports cars to come.

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